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Barry Hurter Inc. is a proudly South African Matrimonial, Criminal, Corporate, Commercial and Litigation Law Firm offering an all-inclusive range of Legal Services to Companies, Individuals, and Entrepreneurs. Our strength lies in the breath and quality of the Legal Services we render. We focus on a solid foundation of Insightful Deal Structuring and Legal Advice. Our objective is to establish a Long-Term Relationship with our Clients through Results, Good Communication, Cost Consciousness as well as Cost-Effectiveness. Our approach to Law is a simple one, namely a passion for service and keeping it personal, combined with the highest professional standards.

Client Focused Solutions

Our Firm is focused on our Client’s Demands for an exceptional Legal Service Model that provides Value. We understand that Value means Efficient Processes for Tracking and Reporting; Creative Approaches to Reducing Legal Risk; Enhanced Cost Certainty; and Results. With each representation, Our Team is focused on the desired results. Our Team focuses the Strategy at each stage of Litigation on the end result. Focusing on the Client’s preferred result is an Integral Part of the Strategic Process for each case. We strive to provide a Value-Driven Approach to each case by Communicating and Strategizing with Our Clients to meet their needs and goals.



Absolutely amazing Legal services, I'd highly recommend Barry Hurter, regardless of the type of legal services needed. He is truly a great attorney!

A Steyn

Assisted me with certifying documents - extremely helpful, thank you.

Stanis Antonites

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